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Jan 25, 2011

Proximity Fuse

rosley's war effort

Crosley was involved in war production planning before December, 1941, and, like the rest of American industry, the Crosley Corporation focused on war-related products thereafter. The company made a wide variety of products. 

The most significant was the proximity fuze, manufactured by several companies for the military. Crosley turned out more fuzes than any other manufacturer, and made several production design innovations. The fuze is widely considered the third most important product development of the war years, ranking behind only the atomic bomb and radar.

James V. ForrestalSecretary of the Navy said, "The proximity fuze has helped blaze the trail to Japan. Without the protection this ingenious device has given the surface ships of the Fleet, our westward push could not have been so swift and the cost in men and ships would have been immeasurably greater."

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was quoted with "These so-called proximity fuzes, made in the United States... proved potent against the small unmanned aircraft (V-1) with which we were assailed in 1944."

Commanding General of the Third Army, George S. Patton said, "The funny fuze won the Battle of the bulge for us. I think that when all armies get this shell we will have to devise some new method of warfare."

Also of significance were the many radio tranceivers manufactured by the Crosley Corporation, including the BC-654, which was the main component of the SCR-284 radio set. The company also manufactured portable cook stoves, B-29 gun turrets, military radios, and so called "morale receivers," which were used by civilians living in countries occupied by the Nazis to listen to Voice of America broadcasts.[7]

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