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Apr 2, 2011

Crete, Greece - Libyan No Fly Zone

A bit surreal to be at the Navy Base in Crete, Greece, watching NATO planes flying out to enforce the Libyan No Fly Zone. Mild sunny days with a few of our folks flying off to war.

A real NATO effort with pilots from a number of countries. Stay safe, guys. And I fee sorry for the Libyan troops getting bombed - they have no chance against the modern technology of the west.

American TV on the base. Only a few channels. The DOD channel is good, focusing on the military. It is produced by junior enlisted folks who do a great job.

We also get CNN and MSNBC. It was a bit surreal, watching Rachael Maddow on a US Base read her opinion news criticizing the Commander in Chief while our fighter jets were blasting off for Libya. Well, it shows we take freedom of the press seriously and are not feeding our troops just we want them to hear. But Rachael, Queen of Snarkyness?

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