This blog is for Communication among Marines and people interested in the Marines. The 10 is for Communications. The Photo above is Marble Mountain, Danang, Vietnam.

Apr 21, 2011

Marine at Harpers Ferry

"Brown looked up but not quickly enough, for Lt Green was already bringing his uniform saber down hard on Brown's head. Since Brown was moving, the blow did not land full, though Brown received a saber cut in the back of his neck. Brown fell senseless on his side and as Green struck him again, he rolled flat on his back. The Marine who followed Lt Green, Pvt Luke Quin. was shot in the abdomen and died of his wound later. As Brown fell, rolling over to his back, Lt Green gave him a short saber thrust in the left breast. Since the sword was a light uniform weapon and either had lost its point or struck something hard in Brown's accoutrement, the blade did not penetrate but bent double." 

"Far from being camouflaged, the Marines, including Maj Russell, wore bright blue uniforms, blue trousers, dark blue frock coats. French fatigue caps, and white belts. "

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