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Apr 21, 2011


Marines say OORAH!! frequently. The paragraph below explains how the term originated.

"Although the other services have since come up with their own versions, oorah is the uniquely Marine way of replying positively to almost anything. In 1953 members of 1st Amphibious Reconnaissance Company were aboard the submarine USS Perch (ASSP-313). Perch was a WW II diesel retrofitted to carry underwater demolition teams and Recon Marines. Whenever the boat was to dive, someone would announce over the PA system, "Dive, dive!" and sound a klaxon horn that sounded like "arrugha!" 

"While 1st Amphib Recon Marines were on conditioning runs on land, they started singing chants. Someone imitated the horn sound "arrugha," and it became a Recon mantra: lexicon. Former Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps John Massaro took "arrugha" from Recon with him to Drill Instructor School and passed it to the DI students, who in turn passed it to their recruits. Arrugha eventually evolved into "oorah."

Click here for a good Oorah running chant

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