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Apr 20, 2011

Welcome Home

Flew into Baltimore from Aviano, Italy, and Ramstein, Germany last night on the Patriot Express, a chartered civilian plane that transports troops to and from Europe and the Gulf (aka downrange). About 250 young servicemen and women on the flight coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Some of them have been over there as many as eight times on six month deployments each. They are getting a little tired of it. But they complain very little. One guy had a funny riff about how he could have gotten rich by buying view property in Afghanistan, since we are apparently going to be there
for a very long time.

They think Iraq has a better chance of a good outcome then Afghanistan. There really is no nation in Afghanistan. Just a collection of tribes.

Good looking and friendly young people. From Baltimore they will fly back home across the United States.

There were about 40 friends and relatives greeting the plane, with noisemakers. Nice to see the welcome home party. Turns out that a High School classmate of mine participates in the welcome home. A very nice gesture

Welcome home, guys. Stay safe.

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