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Jun 1, 2011

Platoon 350, Parris Island, South Carolina March 1967

Members of my old Platoon at Parris Island are now getting together for an annual reunion. Remarkable that we are finding each other after 44 years.

We spent an intense 8 week time together in an altogether unpleasant environment. It will be fun to meet these guys when we can actually talk without risking punishment.

Most people have heard about Marine Corps boot camp which is no picnic. You arrive at Parris Island at night. A mean drill instructor comes on the bus, screaming at you to run out on to the yellow foot prints in front of the bus. The drill instructors set out to terrorize you and for the most part succeed. They are screaming and yelling at you, keeping you awake through the first night. They shave your head and take all your possessions. I was a tough guy from dasoutsideaChicaga, but the DI's succeeded in frightening me.

The photo is me in Boot Camp in March 1967. The glasses were fake without lenses - would not want your civilian glasses to be used for your photo.  Note the fear and fatigue in my eyes. The gadget under the photo is to set the service number - mine was 2351715.

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