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Jul 9, 2011

Gunnery Sgt Clookey

"Gunnery Sgt Clookey was no stranger to danger during his deployment to Afghanistan in the spring of 2008. In a span of three days, Clookey and his Marines with Company A, 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, destroyed a Taliban machinegun bunker and its occupants, took down a squad of Taliban combatants, and picked a firefight with Taliban insurgents who outnumbered his Marines and were engaged in battle with his fellow battalion members."

During this firefight, one of his Marines was wounded and needed an immediate evacuation. Clookey purposely exposed himself to enemy gun fire in order to trace their location. After pinpointing the enemy’s positions, Clookey led his Marines to thwart the Taliban’s ambush, neutralizing the threat. Through his brave initiative, Clookey was able to safely evacuate the wounded Marine after calling in for air support and marking the landing zone. Clookey was awarded the Bronze Star with Combat V for his brave and selfless actions while serving in Helmand Province, Afghanistan."
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