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Aug 17, 2011

Marine Corps Reserve

“Whether Marines stay in for four years or 44 years, they’re Marines until the day they die,” said Lt. Gen. John F. Kelly, commanding general of Marine Forces Reserve and U.S. Marine Forces Northern Command, in a reserve opportunities video. “A lot of pressures in Marines’ lives will cause them to go off of active duty after their initial time in service. In some cases, people have different goals they want to accomplish. The good thing about being associated with the IRR is that you can pursue these goals while still staying connected to your Marine Corps roots.”


I joined the Marine Corps Reserves after 4+ years of active duty, and served for an additional 28 years. I am glad I did. 
I would encourage all Marines to consider joining a Reserve unit and giving the Reserves a try. If you do not like it you can always leave.

You might want to take a break first, grow your beard and decompress. That is what I did.   But after a while you may miss the Corps. The Reserves provides you a great opportunity to serve part time.

Semper Fi

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