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Jan 12, 2012

Black Box Generated View of Hudson Plane Landing

 Very gripping computer generation from the black boxes of Captain Sully's Hudson River landing, worth the seven minutes. He is one cool customer ... 

My friend Sandy Schuessler Wright tracks animal / plane accidents. This aircraft was taken down by birds in the engine. 

Thanks to Vietnam Vet Marine Air Controller Rick Cleland for sharing.

An interesting side note. My cousin in South Dakota was talking to her brother in Japan on Skype so they were looking at each other on their computer screens. He then got a call on Skype from a friend in New York so the three of them were viewing each other on a conference call. The friend had a great view of the Hudson River and he saw the airplane heading down. So he turned his laptop around and my cousins watched the landing live in South Dakota and Japan.  A high tech world.

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