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May 5, 2012

Vietnam - The End of the War

A book written by George J. Veith's "Black April" is summarized in the Wall Street Journal. Some quotes below:

"the root cause of South Vietnam's defeat was the slashing of assistance by the U.S. Congress in 1974, when military aid was nearly halved. As the North Vietnamese onslaught began in March 1975, South Vietnam's shortages of aircraft fuel and spare parts prevented the military from flying troops in to fortify a vulnerable 900-mile western flank." 
"More than 100,000 South Vietnamese who had sided with the United States perished in the final battles, were executed immediately thereafter or died from maltreatment in massive "re-education" camps. Half a million more South Vietnamese died while attempting to flee communist oppression by boat."


As a Vietnam Vet I have total contempt for Congress when after supporting Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos for many years, they pulled the plug, condemning millions to die. And most of them are proud of their actions.

My Thoughts on the War on the blog below:

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