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Oct 10, 2012

Down Sizing the Marine Corps

Gentleman, received my 3rdMarDiv Association newsletter today. Front page news is the on-going downsizing for the Corps headed to a 182,000 active structure. 

Big news here is that the Aviation side is losing 12 flying squadrons and their marine support groups. Infantry battalions going from 27 to 23, Inf. Regiments from 8 to 7.  Tank Companies from 10 to 8 and LAV companies to 12 from 15. 

As expected Marine SpecOps Group will continue to grow with an additional 850 Marines. None of this should be a surprise although some of the cuts could be less severe depending on the outcome of the election. 

The Corps stood at 173,000 before OIF kicked off. No end strength reduction for the SMCR although I do not know what is left of the 4thMAW which once had 12 VMFA squadrons just 20 years ago and are down to 1! 

P.S. MajGen Dave Bice is the VP of the organization and our friend and former MCROA President Al Cruz is the Chairman.   Everyone have a great Birthday Ball celebration on our 237th.  

Do we want to organize a Chicago Marine event around Christmas time?  

Semper Fi. 

Robert L. Hudon, Jr.

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