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Jan 28, 2013

Women in Combat

Women in Combat.  

I am ok with it.  We have been heading towards this day for many years.  The women who choose to join front line units will no doubt be able to do the work. It is very demanding, requiring people to carry as much as 100 pounds on long patrols over many days. 
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Jan 10, 2013

Ollie North Motivating Speech

Senator Hagel For DOD

Panetta Praises Hagel as ‘Right Person’ to Lead Department

By Amaani Lyle
American Forces Press Service
WASHINGTON, Jan. 10, 2013 – Panetta spoke today during a press briefing with Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The secretary expressed confidence in Hagel’s experience and his projected ability to lead the department through budget uncertainties and the 2014 Afghanistan transition.
“I’ve known Chuck a long time,” Panetta said. “He is the right person to lead the department, not only because he’s a decorated Vietnam combat veteran, but [because] he understands Washington; he understands the issues that confront our national defense.”
Panetta said topics during meetings with Hagel included a range of general issues facing the DOD. The two also had a meeting specifically to focus solely on budget challenges.
“I’m confident that he wants to do everything possible to try and deal with the challenges we face,” Panetta said.
The secretary also noted that he and his successor agree about the future of the department.
“Despite a lot of very severe budget pressures … we need to maintain -- and I believe he believes we need to maintain -- the world’s most powerful and ready force to deal with the challenges we’re going to confront in the 21st Century,” Panetta said.

Jan 4, 2013

The Man Who Rode Thunder

William Rankin a pilot in the United States Marine Corps is The Man Who Rode Thunder when he ejected from his F8 Crusader on top of a cumulonimbus thunderstorm cloud. He had a very bad day that summer of 1959 by any pilot’s standard as not only did his engine fail but his parachute deployed in the middle of the thunder storm. Surviving an ejection from 47,000 feet into a thunderstorm is truly amazing.

Thanks to Colonel John Wilkes for sharing