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Feb 22, 2013

Gazette and Leatherneck

The March 2013 DIGITAL editions of Marine CorpsGazette and Leatherneck are good to go NOW.   Both digital editions feature enhancements not available in print and you have access to BOTH magazines ONLINE!

We continue the commemoration of our 100th Anniversary of the Marine Corps Association in both magazines in March with select articles of enduring interest along with historic images from our archives.

Leatherneck looks at Marines from the widest perspective with stories about Marine aviation in the opening stages of Operation Iraqi Freedom; Civil War Marines facing off with Cadets from the Citadel; ultra-realistic training in chemical, biological and natural disaster response; a warm memory of embassy duty in troubled,1956 Cairo at the start of the "Suez War" international incident and a Marine human interest feature about a Chinese immigrant who became a Vietnam era MP and later a martial arts expert and widely regarded professional athletic trainer.  

Changes in the Corps between 1917-1967 is examined in an article from the archives by one of Leatherneck's greatest editors. The usual features and a whole lot more round out another memorable edition of Leatherneck.

Creative solutions to a host of vexing problems affecting operations, training, education, organizational staffing and more shine in this thoroughly provocative edition of Marine Corps Gazette. A trio of articles on amphibious warfare particularly stands out and includes unique ideas for replacing the EFV. The lead article on inequities in Marine male and female fitness requirements adds fresh fuel to the ongoing controversy of opening up combat roles for women while another on combat "Fires" makes a compelling case for longer range and more effective weapons at levels lower than infantry battalions and companies. 

Additional articles on leadership, Marine Air, Force Reconnaissance and joint operations make this edition a must-read for all Marines who want to develop professionally.

Click the links to read both editions today:


Regards and Semper Fidelis from the Professional Association for ALL Marines,
Col Walt Ford, USMC (Ret)
Marine Corps Association & Foundation
Publisher & Editor, Leatherneck

Col John Keenan, USMC (Ret)
Marine Corps Association & Foundation
Editor, Marine Corps Gazette 

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