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May 7, 2014

Air Support for Khe Sanh, Vietnam 1967

Click to see some interesting video of air support


Very interesting! Contained a lot of footage I have not seen before. Many thanks for sending. The seige was going on while I was held up in Staging Battalion on a medical hold due to my knee operation for a torn cartilage I received playing football for a HQMC team. When I finally made it over to VN I was assigned to the 1st Division and missed most of operation Allenbrook which had a 50% casualty rate for lieutenants. The cartilage removal caused me a lot of pain over the years and ended with a knee replacement in 1996, but I always put up with it because it might have saved my life by missing most of Allenbrook. But if I had gone straight over, I could have just as easily been assigned to the 3rd Division and ended up at Khe Sanh. As it happened, I was eventually transferred to the 3rd and spent a lot of time in the area all around Khe Sanh. 

On one operation my battery was positioned directly across from Co Roc, a huge cliff faced mountain on the Laotian side of the river that was full of tunnels and cave openings from which the NVA had shelled Khe Sanh. I spent about two weeks adjusting precision destruction missions firing 155 HE rounds with concrete piercing delay fuzes from my best howitzer to close every one of those cave openings. Sure am glad I missed the siege!

Semper fi,

Col John Wilkes, USMCR Retired

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