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Feb 10, 2015

Army Helicopters

The Helicopters above are or were flown by the US Army. The UH 60 Black Hawk is reputed to have be modified to be a stealth aircraft and reputed to be the aircraft that led the Bin Laden attack. One crashed. The CH-47 Chinook came in and evacuated the Seal team, at least as stated numerous times on various web sites. The Chinook is an old airframe that was flown in Vietnam.

The photo above is of an Army CH-47 inside of an Air Force C-17 cargo plane.  My wife and I flew back from Spain Space A to South Carolina in December 2013.  The aircraft was very beat up from its service in Afghanistan.  My wife asked the aircrew if they were going to junk it. "No", they said.  "We will fix it up and fly it for many more years."

The photo below shows the CH-47 emerging from the C-17.


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