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Feb 21, 2015

Photos Jan-June 1971 1st MarDiv Comm Company and Comm Support Company

These photos are of 1st Marine Divisions Communication Company (Jan-Mar 71) and of Communcations Support Company (Apr-Jun 71) which was part of 7th Comm Battalion. The two companies and their equipment were merged into Comm Support Company when Division left Vietnam. The 7th Comm Battalion had already left Vietnam.

This photo is as we prepared our equipment at Red Beach to go back to the world in about June 1971

This TSC-15 Van (HF Radio) on Hill 327 belonged to MASS-3.  We were trying to establish comm with Quang Tri and Birmingham Fire Support Base.  We tried all kinds of fancy antennas and the best we got was very marginal communications.  

I visited Division Comm Company to see what they were doing.  They had taken a little PRC-47 and threw a long wire up into the trees, and had loud and clear communications.

These photo above is as we prepared our equipment to leave Vientnam. I think Comm Support Company was the last Marine Unit to leave Vietnam in Jun 71. The Commanding Officer Major Hemmerich on the right.

Red Beach getting ready to leave Vietnam.  Word to youn Marines - take photos and write down the names of the guys you served with.  You will forget their names.

This gentlemen said it all.  He is ready to leave

This bunker was on top of Hill 327.  Comm Company and Comm Support Company both had AN/TRC-27 multichannel equipment and bunkers on Hill 327.

XO of Division Comm Company behind his hootch.

Captain Fishero OIC of 1st MarDiv Comm Center catching a few rays.

7th Comm getting ready to leave country Jun 71.

Comm Company Marine on the radio.

Me (Craig Hullinger) getting gear ready to leave June1971.

Getting ready to fly home

Captain Collins - The Operations Officer of Comm Support Company. A very can do get it done now guy.

Me (Craig Hullinger) on the radio.

Photo of Huey and explosion.  Don't know who the ghost Marine is.

Nice web site below - The beginning of Division Comm Company  in Vietnam, while we were at the end.

Just my nickel's worth  - not worth a plugged nickel

Funny Money used in Vietnam

One Dollah!

One Thin Dime

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