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Jan 1, 2016

Don't Fence Me In

This is a novel way to capture the enemy. It is an interesting illustration and story about the Anzio Beachhead in Italy in WWII. The illustration was by Rudoph Charles von Ripper and text by my father, Clif Hullinger. My father received a battlefield Commission at Anzio.
"Sgt. Dan Harding who took over my platoon when I made First Sgt. had them laying concertina wire in front of an infantry position one night. They saw these two soldiers in a foxhole and moved the wire out to include them. Dan went over to them and asked them how it was going. They answered in German! "

"Turned out it was a German outpost with two very scared recruits in it. He promptly took them prisoner and the barbed wire line made a sharp bend at that point.The sketch was made for the Stars and Stripes in Italy in 1944 by Austrian born soldier-of-fortune, artist Rudoph Charles von Ripper. The sketch shows Sgt Harding of my platoon laying barb wire concertina at Anzio. Von Ripper drew this because the squad "fenced" in a German outpost before identifying them and capturing them. The wire took a sharp job at that point!"

Clifford Hullinger

Their unit fought all the way through Africa and Italy in WWII. More at:

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